Tuesday, February 17, 2004

So I've been reading about the ARod trade and I've been discussing it with some friends. Turns out, after all is said and done, that the Rangers will end up paying ARod $140 million for 3 years of service. Meanwhile, the Yankees will only be paying him $110 million for 7 years...which is about $15.7 million/year. How exactly did the Rangers think this was a good deal again?!?! This trade just further increases my hatred of the Yankees, and yet another one of my favorite players becomes less liked because he has joined them (the first was Giambi).

So the true question is...if the Yankees are only having to pay ARod about $16 million/year, why the hell didn't the Astros make a run for him? I mean, trade the Rangers Hidalgo and Redding (or whomever they want for that matter). I mean lets face it...the Rangers got a good offensive player (but hardly a stellar defensive player) in Soriano, but they still have one of the most pathetic starting rotations in baseball. I would venture to say that Redding would be their #2 starter this year. Certainly with all our pitching depth, we could have helped them out there. We'd throw in Hidalgo to help us out financially this year, and the Rangers can not resign him and get their payroll flexibility. And the best part about this trade....we could actually keep the best SS in baseball at the SS position.

That is all for now.

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