Monday, July 05, 2004

It's amazing how a disappointing month of the season can change my expections for the Astros this year.

Now all I really hope for are two things:

1. That Jimy Williams, our crappy manager, and Harry Spilman, our apparently even crappier hitting coach, get fired soon. I imagine they're gonna wait until after the All-star game, but I sure hope it's really soon after that.

2. That Bagwell retires after this year. He's owed a minimum of $39 million over the next 2 years---$15 million in 2005, $17 million in 2006, and either $18 million in 2007 or a $7 million buyout. Bagwell's been great for this team and for this city, but his shoulder is obviously destroying his game. He can barely throw now and he now looks terrible at the plate. I don't know why a pitcher would throw anything but low and away to him because he looks utterly incapable of hitting those pitches.

This team needs a shake-up and they need it soon. We're completely incapable of winning close games. Case in point...Clemens had another stellar outing tonight....his third straight start of 7 innings with only 1 run given up. His record in those 3 games now, 1-0 with two no decisions. It's sad that we can rarely count on this offense to put up more than one or two runs. Just sad!

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