Saturday, January 08, 2005

The Beltran saga will be over for the Astros in the next 9 hours. I don't know what's going to happen...seems every report I read says something completely different and contradicts what the other report said.

On a side note, Rotoworld has reported that talks with TB have died down about a potential trade for Cruz because TB wants Lane in exchange. I say f- that. I'd rather have Lane than Cruz and we are in no position to trade one OF for another. If we miss out on Beltran, then we're going to need an additional OF, not just a trade for a different one.

Rotoworld has also reported that Purpura has begun talks with Berkman about a contract extension. Word is that the talks will be around $10-12 million per year. I wonder if we're gonna sign him to a one year contract and then see how he recovers from this torn ACL. If that's what we end up doing, then we're gonna be the in same situation with him next offseason that we're in with Beltran now. I'd rather just lock him up now.

As for football, I have countered Jack's picks with my own picks. They are posted on my Xanga site ( We only differ on the first game today, but our score predictions are different. Let's see who comes the closest.

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