Sunday, January 23, 2005

My NFL Conference Championship Game picks

Falcons at Eagles: Is this the year? Can Philly finally make it to a Super Bowl? I think yes. Dome teams are 1-8 in conference championship games. The significance...the Falcons play in a dome, and it's supposed to be a wind chill of 1 degree for the game. I think the Eagles defense steps it up enough today, especially Jeremiah Trotter versus the Falcons running game. While, McNabb does just enough to pull out the victory. Oh yea, how could I forget the importance of Freddie Mitchell's hands...they're just so good. I say Philly wins 20-17.

Pats at Steelers: How can anyone not pick the Pats after last week's performance? You hold Manning and the Colts high-flying offense to 3 points...THREE POINTS! Simply amazing! Let's face it, if you can shut down Peyton Manning, then Ben Rothlisberger isn't gonna do jack against you. The Steelers are gonna have to rely on the run, as Big Ben looked terrible last week versus the Jets. I just think the Pats' defense is too good. Plus, unlike their meeting earlier in the year, they have Dillon this time. Dillon, Brady and the Pats defense will get it done. I say NE wins 27-17.

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