Saturday, June 12, 2004

It's a quiet Saturday; JT is driving to Baton Rouge to cheer on his beloved Aggies in the College World Series, Mark's driving (!!) to the Pacific Coast of Mexico for some fun in the sun, Jason is recovering from a long week of hard labor, and that leaves yours truly thinking about where I'll be a few months from now.

My brother's back from college tomorrow, and we're going to try and score some Astros tix for the upcoming Cubs series. Game 1: Clemens vs. Prior!! We must do it.

He's back for all of a week, and then we're off for some rafting.

CD of the weekend: "OK Computer", Radiohead. If you don't like it at first, listen again. It grows on you.


Drew said...

First of all, let me just say shame on you for not commenting on the Dores making the super regionals... shame on you Jack. That's just piss poor. Anyway, here are my teams for the All-Star Game. By the way, I'm not gonna make a DH, just would make it too complicated.

Catcher: Ivan Rodriguez and Craig Wilson. Screw Piazza man, Wilson's been much tougher this year... I don't care if he's played more games at 1B.

1B: Frank Thomas and Sean Casey. Dude, you gotta put Casey in there... Pujols can always play in the outfield. Thomas... remember no DH for me.

2B: Michael Young and Jeff Kent. Uribe's been blowing it lately, and Young's just plainly a beast.

3B: Melvin Mora and Scott Rolen. That's right, Mora over A-Rod. A-Rod's great and all, but Mora deserves it more at 3B this year.

SS: Alex Rodriguez and Jack Wilson. You didn't think I'd leave him out did you. Screw Jeter, he shouldn't even be playing SS.

OF: Vladimir Guerrero, Manny Ramirez, Matt Lawton, Bobby Abreu, Albert Pujols, and Barry Bonds. That's right, I left your precious Berkman off of this list. He's been solid, but Casey deserves to go more than him, making Pujols take his spot in the OF. Also, Lawton's gotta come over Beltran. Don't ask me to explain it, but they've got enough power in that lineup, let's let a guy who's gotta a better OBP and not a typical all-star get in.

SP: Curt Schilling and Randy Johnson. With all due respect to your boy Roger Clemens, Johnson has done almost as well with a far inferior team. 8 wins, a sub 3 ERA, more K's, a much lower WHIP, and a freakin' perfect game. Plus, to former World Series co-MVP's facing off against each other... ya gotta love it!

RP: Juan Rincon and Akinori Otsuka. These two have been beasts all year, and who said you had to be a closer to make the All-Star game in relief?

CL: Mariano Rivera and Armando Benitez. Could your honestly choose any other 2?

JT said...

Drew, can't just make up positions to put players in the all-star's not fantasy baseball. I don't think Craig Wilson has played a game at C all year...same thing for Pujols in the OF, M.Young at 2B, and ARod at SS.

Drew said...

I thought The Bends was better then OK Computer, but they're both great.

Go Clemens!