Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Four-game sweep at Pittsburgh rights the boat. And we didn't even need Oswalt and Clemens. Zeek and Wandy both pitched well in Tuesday's doubleheader and our offense came alive in all four games, outscoring the Bucs 34-8 in the series. Not bad. Let's keep it up against the struggling Natties.

Peter Gammons reports the Reds are no longer looking to trade Dunn or Kearns. I hope we keep going after him, but we need to make a decision quickly: are we actually contending this year or not? If we are, we ought to trade for another bat. If we ain't, we need to hold onto our prospects (Zeek, Burke, Lane, Nieve) for the next two to three years. Remember, we can always trade for Dunn next year or simply wait to sign him after the 2006 season.

What is going on with Orlando Palmeiro? I knew he was hitting well, but this is ridiculous! He's hitting .312-.372-.505! That's 166 points higher than his career OPS. He's seeing the ball real well.

And Pettitte! He hasn't given up more than ONE RUN in each of his last six starts! His ERA is well under 3.00 and he no longer has a losing record (7-7). Go Stros!

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