Tuesday, December 06, 2005

There are a lot of Winter Meeting rumors out there right now. It sure if fun talking about them, but they're ultimately just rumors. Case in point - I said it looked like the Cardinals had Burnett signed, but now it looks like it's the Blue Jays for 5/55. 102 million combined on B.J. Ryan and A.J. Burnett? At least they both have two-initial first names.

The D-Backs have supposedly shown interest in Brad Ausmus, to which I say: YES!! The more teams that show interest in him, the higher his price goes, and the less likely it becomes that we sign him. Or maybe we give him a 2 year / 7 million dollar deal and I cry. Either way.

Other players that might be available in trades that I'd be interested in: Bobby Abreu, Austin Kearns, Jason LaRue, Johnny Estrada. I'd especially like to give Kearns a try - he had a rough year last year, but he's a 25 year old with a career .821 OPS.

Players that the Astros could trade that either I wouldn't mind trading or their current trade value is at its peak: Brandon Backe, Dan Wheeler, Adam Everett, Wandy Rodriguez.

Backe picks it up in the playoffs, but as Scott Barzilla as pointed out, ALL his rate stats are below league average. He simply cannot be a decent pitcher with his current walk rate and K rate.

Dan Wheeler's trade value could not possibly be any higher. He has to come back to Earth eventually.

Adam Everett is overrated - his counting stats (11 HR, 54 RBI) obscure his .654 OPS. Good defense, but we can do better.

Wandy Rodriguez is actually in similar to Jeriome Robertson from a few years back - superficially good record (10-10 as a #5 starter) despite an ugly ERA (5.53, 1.46 WHIP). Deal him.

Backe for Austin Kearns and Dan Wheeler for Estrada - you can do it, Purpura!


Dudley Bokoski said...

Since a)there aren't any big impact hitters available (at least at the price the Astros want to pay) and b)they don't have the money to free up in any case how about two blasts from the pasts. Hildago and Ward are both free agents and you could get both for less than one impact hitter.

The Astros wouldn't be getting All-Star caliber players but they would be getting hitters who still have some ability. Now that both have some experience they might be on the verge of quality seasons. Ward was doing very well until he slumped after the All-Star break and Hildago probably does have holes in his swing. But, either could be a 20-70 hitter and two more of those couldn't hurt.

Candice said...

Go Jays! The Jays were 16-31 in one-run games last year, which is the reason for the egregious overspending on Ryan. And as for Burnett... he has a huge crush on pitching coach Brad Arnsberg, and thinks that he is the cure for all his mediocrity. Hey, if he thinks that, I'm all for it. :)

JT said...

No Estrada for us...seems he's headed to the Diamondbacks for some pitchers.

I'm going to be real disappointed when Purpura does nothing for yet another offseason.