Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Andy's latest post was #450 at The Juice Box. Huzzah! I am also thrilled that baseball is back, and I'm pumped to start reading spring training updates, preparing for my fantasy baseball draft, and start posting every single day (or more) again. It has been an interesting offseason for our family - it looks like my parents will be moving out to join me in Flagstaff, which I'm sure they'll enjoy. It will be nice having them around, especially because their house has an indoor hot tub.

I will indeed have a big decision in May. I will graduate from NAU with a Master's Degree in Statistics, and don't plan on starting a PhD program anytime soon, so it looks like I'll have to find a real job. Or will I? At the moment my most likely next step would be to get a job as an instructor in the math & statistics department here. I've enjoyed teaching, it's an excellent department, I can keep doing a few river trips in the summer, I stay in Flagstaff, I get summers off....the list goes on. It makes a lot of sense. Maybe too much sense? Another option would be to try and find a job as a baseball statistician. I've been really lazy with this, and I haven't sent out any resumes lately. I have a feeling that as much as I like writing about and reading about baseball statistics, I might not like working in that field nearly as much. Maybe it's just my imagination? The third main option would be some kind of service to the country. Peace Corps / Teach for America / etc. - something in that vein. I'd like to give something back although I don't agree with a few current political situations. And the dark horse would be to take a year off and travel around the world, writing updates on my blog and having a great time. The sensible answer would be to do that later since I just did that 2 years ago, but the romantic in me says that once I start a real job it won't be so easy to get away. All right, that's enough about that. We'll see what happens.

I was going to write about what my favorite fantasy baseball magazine said about the Astros and their top players, but I left it at home. Oops. Next post coming soon.


Drew said...

You never know about that baseball statistician job until you try it. You can always quit if it's not your bag. How else are you gonna become the GM of the Astros or Indians? Also, call me sometime ya bastard! Bill Brasky wouldn't be havin' it! Ah yes... GO TRIBE!

Jason said...

Screw the political situations! I know you're a heapin' helpin' o' George Clooney Liberal absurdity but that's no reason to not help people. It's always a good idea to give back to your country and you're in a great position in life to do so. Afraid of the real world? Don't be. It's surprisingly easy to adjust to (you've already been working, going to school, paying taxes and rent and such). Plus, the ladies love guys with...um...JOBS.

Side note: Being a Republican is fun. At least until your party goes wacky and you don't quite understand what's going on...such is my case. But at least you get to make wasting-paper and clubbing-baby-seals jokes to the tree-hugging hippies! And isn't that what politics is really all about? I like to think so...