Friday, September 15, 2006

Brad Lidge is a frail shell of his former self. He's done. Let's trade him.


Jack said...

No way, dude! You really think we'd get anything great in return at this point anyway! At least trade him when his value is higher.

Jason said...

It ain't happening. He's not gonna get over this. Stick a fork in him. Every time he faces Pujols he pees his pants. That's not what we need when the Astros face the Cardinals in a playoff series is it? Nope, didn't think so.

Andres said...

Hey guys. Dad here, using Andy's sig, 'cause it's already in the computer. Gotta agree with Jack on trading Lidge. There is zero chance that we get much in return for trading Lidge now, 'cause the other team assumes the trade means that Lidge is done forever.

In contrast, there's a slim chance that Lidge does figure out what he's doing wrong.

Slim > zero, so keep him.