Thursday, May 06, 2004

I went to another Astros game tonight, and watched in awe as Roger Clemens moved past Steve Carlton into 2nd place all-time in strikeouts. Oh, and the Astros won 6-2, as Jeff Kent, Morgan Ensberg, and 7 walks lead to some offense and Clemens + 9 straight outs from the bullpen kept the Pirates quiet. The only minor damper was Chad Harville came in to pitch the 7th but left after facing a batter due to a strained right quad. He's day to day. Even if he's hurt, we could call up Ricky Stone big deal.

The 'Stros go for the sweep tomorrow: Wade Miller vs. Kris Benson.

I'll go the anti-stats route on today's impressions, since I was actually right there:

Adam Everett is TERRIFIC defensively. It's almost a shame we don't have many groundball pitchers on our staff (only Pettitte), because he's a vacuum cleaner out there. On the flip side, Jeff Kent is not good defensively, and looks slow and kinda bored.

Lance Berkman, for all his muscle and baby fat, has some of the quickest hands in baseball. You cannot throw an inside fastball by him. It cannot be done.

That's all. Oh, and I love going to baseball games. I've been to two and both times I've never made it to my official seat. You just wander around and pick Players of the Game and eat hot dogs and drink beer and I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

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