Saturday, May 13, 2006

A nice 12-2 win for the home team over the Rockies last night. I got chills from reading this paragraph:

"Ensberg took Rockies starter Jason Jennings to a full count with the scored tied 1-1 and the crowd on its feet and cheering wildly. He then homered to left field to drive in Biggio and Lance Berkman.

"During my at-bat you couldn't hear a thing," Ensberg said. "That stuff helps. I mean you can't hear at all. And I just think when it's difficult for you to concentrate because you're not used to it, it helps us because we are used to it."

Man, that's good stuff. I wonder if Ensberg immediately knew it was a home run and did one of his bat-flip things.

Fernando Nieve pitched just fine again (5.1 IP, 6 H, 3 BB, 1 ER, 4 K), the bullpen was solid, but it was all about the offense today: Ensberg, Biggio, and Lamb (who has been hot lately) all homered, and we had 15 hits in all.

Trever Miller was activated from the DL and we sent Zeke Astacio down to AAA. I still have high hopes for Astacio, but he needs to keep starting, and he can do that at AAA. Hopefully Miller does better soon - I still like him more than Gallo, and it's a shame that they are both on the roster.

Tonight: Roy Oswalt vs. Aaron Cook. Cook shut us down the last time we played, so hopefully we'll remind him that we play a lot better at home for some reason.

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Daniel said...

Ok here's something you missed. Lidge threw in that 12-2 game. He threw a perfect 1-2-3 inning in the seventh. Lidge has been temporarily moved until he fixes his mechanics. That's the statement so far and I believe it. The reason is because Garner says he'll split the closer roll between Qualls and Wheeler. Garner is very specific with what his people do. If this were permanent he wouldn't be using two different players for the closer roll. The most important thing about Lidge's inning? He started with a 86 maybe 88 mph slider for a called strike. And follew with another slider for a swinging strike. Maybe Lidge just needs a kick in the butt. Hopefully he gets back soon.