Monday, May 01, 2006

Whew - we needed that one. The Astros squeezed out a 3-2 victory over the Reds yesterday to avoid a sweep. Taylor "Double-H" Buchholz pitched very well again, with only a little wildness in the 7th forcing him to leave. Chad Qualls came on and got 5 outs in a row. Good job Quallsy. Then Lidge in the, what a nerve-wracking experience. He can't throw his slider for a strike and he seems unwilling to pitch inside. Bad combination. He got two outs, gave up a single and a walk, and struck out Javier Valentin to end it, but maaaaan....hitters are simply laying off his slider since he can't throw it for a strike, and they're leaning out over the plate to get to his outside fastball.

I have to run, more soon.

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Andres said...

Lidge's command may be off, but when it's on, he really is unhittable. It starts with the fastball — if he can spot it on the corners (low and away; high and in), he'll be fine. Anyone can hit a 98 mph heater now, especially one right down the middle. How many times have we seen Lidge throw the ball two feet outside to lefties? It's like he can't get a grip on the ball or something.

The slider also needs some work. It works the best when it starts waist-high and ends up at the ankles/ He has been throwing it knee-high and bouncing it in the dirt. Maybe he's scared of leaving it up in the zone.. I don't know. But he's got to be able to throw it for a strike. And he did against the Reds a couple of times.