Monday, April 05, 2004

Can't Jimy catch a break? Last year, he pulled his starters early and caught a TON of flak for being a quick hook. Now, he shows he has matured as a manager by adjusting his strategy, and we hate him again?

No, Jimy made the right choice by leaving Oswalt in.

1) Oswalt is the Astros' best pitcher. We don't have a lefty in the pen, and even if we did, Bonds obviously doesn't have a significant weakness there.

2) The two singles came on hard-fought at-bats, and were more a testament to good hitting than poor pitching. Tucker worked the count full and then connected with a high fastball to get on base.

3) Oswalt had only thrown 97 pitches or so, and his velocity was still up around 95 mph.

Besides that, I think Jimy made a statement by leaving Roy in. He already gave him Opening Day over Rocket and Pettitte, and wanted to show his faith in our young gun.

I hope Jimy doesn't go back to his old ways now. It was the smart choice to leave our best pitcher in to clean up for his own mistakes. I just wonder what Jimy said to Roy on the mound...

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