Tuesday, April 06, 2004

I hate Everett in the 2-spot as well. His OBP (last year's .320) just doesn't cut it for a top-of-the-order hitter. And just because he's effective at creating productive outs, they are still outs. Which means there's one less chance of getting a runner home.

Yes, he is speedy, but Jimy doesn't seem to use that effectively. Everett stole 8 of 9 bases last year and is 12 for 13 for his career. Not bad. But until he learns to be a bit more selective (40 career walks in 520 career plate appearances), he won't be effective as the 2-hitter.

And yes, Hidalgo will repeat as the Astros' offensive player of the year, although Berkman will give him some competition. As Jack mentioned, Doggy is looking healthy and speedy (!!). But what excites me the most is that he's not hitting ahead of Ausmus this year. That's huge. He should get plenty of RBI opportunities hitting behind Bags, Kent and Berkman, and pitchers are gonna have to pitch to him now that Ensberg is in the on deck circle. I'm even going to say Hidalgo will end up in the top 5 for the MVP ballot.


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