Thursday, April 01, 2004

It's always tough to get a lot in a trade involving a guy that everyone knows is eventually going to be traded. But, much like the Mike Lamb move, I think Gerry Hunsicker did pretty decently again this time. The Astros traded Jeriome Robertson to the Indians for two minor-leaguers: Luke Scott (stats) and Willy Taveras (stats). Here's the Yahoo story.

Listen to what the Indians did with Luke Scott: teach him patience. Thanks, Cleveland! By the way, that's a damn good idea. I hope the Astros are preaching plate discipline in the minors too.

Luke Scott was pretty tough in college, but then again, so is everyone. He had Tommy John surgery in 2001, so he might still be working his way back from that. He's definitely got some power and a little bit of patience. With all that said, he's not really a great prospect, but maybe he will be eventually. We certainly need all the OF prospects we can get.

Taveras is actually a pretty good OBP guy, although he has NO power. He's fast, too, so he is probably a fairly good defensive CF. But, like Scott, he's not really that much of a prospect.

Still, we really had to trade Robertson, and even two pretty average OF prospects isn't bad. Of course I wish we could have gotten Ryan Ludwick or Coco Crisp or Alex Escobar, but this is better than nothing. And way to go, Astros, for making Tim Redding the 5th starter, instead of rooke-15-game-winner Jeriome Robertson.

The next possible move probably involves Kirk Saarloos - there have been rumors that stat-heavy teams like the Blue Jays and Red Sox are interested.

I'm kind of sick today, but at least I didn't feel bad until my last full day in Europe. See you all soon.

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