Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The All-Free Agent Team:

C: Varitek
1B: Delgado
2B: Kent
3B: Beltre
SS: Renteria
OF: Beltran, Magglio, Drew
Bench: Sexson, Finley, Hidalgo, Alou, Glaus
P: Pedro, Clemens, Pavano, Clement, Wright
Pen: Lowe, Morris, Ortiz, Williams, Millwood, Ugey
Closer: JOSE LIMA!

(I wanted to use Percival and Nomar, but they’ve already signed. Hidalgo can be the backup utility infielder, right?)

P.S. If the Cards can sign John "No-gloves-but-still-cranks-the-hell-out-of-the-ball" Mabry to a $750,000 deal, WHY ARE WE SIGNING VIZCAINO AND PALMEIRO TO THESE CRAZY DEALS???? And why does everyone on AstrosDaily love Vizcaino? I'll admit he's cute and snuggly like a teddy bear, but he plays like one too! He is rubbish. We basically just took a million dollars, wiped our ass with it, lit it on fire, flushed it down the toilet and then punched ourselves in the nuts. Gah.

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