Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Yes, yes we did. I think one reason Vizcaino inspires adoration in so many Astros fans is the fact that he doesn't seem to make many glaring errors. He doesn't strike out much, instead preferring to hit weak ground balls to 2nd on the first pitch. He doesn't make many mistakes in the field when he can get to the ball, although he's not fast and has little range. And, of course, he'll never lose the luster from the Game 1 winning hit in the Subway Series a few years back.

And I think people don't like change. Why sign a younger, better player or give Chris Burke a chance when you can wallow in the filth that is Vizcaino? At least you know what you're getting. You don't risk disappointment.

Ok, enough. The bright side is that we let Jeff Kent go, apparently, clearing the way for either Chris Burke or (I think) Biggio slides back to 2nd (hey, Bidge, time to change positions again!) and Jason Lane finally gets a shot at a major league job. Burke becomes heir apparent to Bidge.

I don't mind the Orlando Palmeiro signing too much. He's still good defensively, puts up a decent OBP, and of course has no power to speak of. There are plenty of guys I'd rather have (Grieve, Hollandsworth, etc.) as a 4th OF, but you could do worse. I think.

In other news, Twins sign Radke (18 mil / 2 yrs, too much I think) Yankees sign Wright and Womack (HAHAHA) and Nomar and Todd Walker sign with the Cubs (8 mil + possible incentives and 2.5 mil). Great signs by the Cubs. I've gotta tip my cap to Jim Hendry - he's made some great moves the last few years. Derrek Lee, Aramis Ramirez, Michael Barrett, Matt Clement...well done, sir. If Nomar has a late 90's kinda year he'll be worth every penny and then some, and the Cubs will probably win the division.

I'm still curious to see what we do with the bullpen and if we don't win the Beltran sweepstakes. Guess I'll wait and see.

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Anonymous said...

hi jack!!!!

agree with you about viz. agree with you about burke, biggio and kent, too. i think purpura is a p.c. yes-man. and i am worried that he and mclean don't really have any intention of resigning beltran, either. so if we're not gonna win, i'd rather watch our own good, young players like burke and bruntlett...

lisa gray