Wednesday, December 22, 2004

So we non-tendered Wade Miller, meaning he will not be an Astros in 2005. The Blue Jays, Rangers and Reds are apparently interested, although I'm sure many more team sare as well.

I'm sure 90 percent of Astros fans are shocked and appalled. They're thinking to themselves, "Now we only have Roy and Andy in the rotation, we'll probably lose Beltran and Clemens, and we'll lose 100 games in 2005." Actually, those things could very well all be correct.

But letting Miler go was not so bad a move as everyone around Houston makes it out to be. Wade made $3.4 million last year, so regardless of his injury status, arbitration would have given him at least $5 million.

I maintain that the Astros doctors saw something wrong with his arm. His recent MRI and physicals probably showed that his frayed rotator cuff hadn't improved since June, when he last pitched. The Astros probably didn;t feel confident in his ability to stay healthy, and that's fine.

I hope we at least tried to negotiate a multi-year deal with incentives up the wazoo. But I guess it just didn't work out. Don;t get me wrong... I'm not hoping he gets hurt for another team. But if he pitches 200+ innings with a 3.50 ERA, we're gonna look like chumps.

OK. Jack will tell you more about this. Flagstaff is cool.


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