Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I just got off my 3rd and final river trip of the summer - it rained almost every afternoon, which was actually really nice. It cooled down the camps and it was pretty cool to see random waterfalls coming down from the sides of the rim.

Anyway, I'm back for good, and it looks like the Astros have been plugging along. We're 2 games up in the Wild Card standings, and we have a huge series at home against the Nationals starting today. The matchups would appear to favor Washington: Rodriguez vs. Patterson, Astacio vs. Hernandez, and Pettitte vs. Drese. The offense is going to need to find a way to score some runs.

I haven't seen much baseball lately, so I can't comment much on it, but I'll be watching this series. Updates to follow.

P.S. Should we try and pick up Jose Cruz Jr.? I would probably pick him up and send Burke to AAA. Then our OF would be Lane - Taveras - Cruz, with Palmeiro and Bruntlett as reserves, and just stick Berkman at 1B for good. Lamb can get some AB's somewhere.

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