Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Wow, there are some great baseball series going on right now.

Oakland A's vs. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (ugh)

The A's are the hottest team in baseball - they finally got their offense going and Harden, Zito, and Haren rivals the Astros' front 3. The Angels are falling fast. The teams are currently tied for 1st in the AL West and Wild Card at 64-47

White Sox vs. Yankees

Even after losing to the Yankees yesterday the White Sox are still 72-38. That's good. The Yankees are 3.5 games back of the A's / Angels for the Wild Card, so they need to win.

Astros vs. Nationals

Astros are 2 games up on the Nationals in the NL Wild Card race. The Nats have been terrible since the All Star Break.

Guess I'll be watching a lot of baseball tonight.

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