Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Tough 6-5 loss for the Astros last night. The Nationals jumped on Zeke Astacio for 4 HR's in 5 innings (Zeke's Achilles heel so far has been the long ball - 16 in 46 innings!), but we fought back from a 6-1 deficit thanks to 2 Morgan Ensberg HR's (he now has 31 on the year!) and a Cristian Guzman error. So it's 6-5 going into the bottom of the 7th. Ensberg leads off with a single but he's stranded when Mike Lamb grounds into a double play. Jason Lane pinch-hits with 2 outs and 0 on in the 8th and triples, then Taveras walks, but Biggio pops out. Berkman draws a leadoff walk in the 9th but Ensberg K's and Mike Lamb grounds into another double play to end the game. GAH!

Wandy Rodriguez vs. Livan Hernandez today. We need more offense. Hopefully Jason Lane will get some playing time because he's been killing the ball.

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Jill said...

Jack, Jack, Jack...
How the hell are you? No, not the Astros, how are YOU? It seems like ages since we've talked. Rumor has it that you have a girlfriend now? Cool!

What's new with you?

BTW, I don't think I ever thanked you for turning me onto this Blogger thing. I'm a freakin' addict now, too. Thanks a lot, Jack. I update it nearly everyday. Mine is

I was thinking about you today when Richard Fernandez, the owner of Pesto Brothers, offered me a job serving this winter. I told him I was interested. Anyway, the connection, as you recall, is that we met there one night over drinks, pizza and jazz.

Hope you're well. Give me a call sometime. It's been a long time since we met up for breakfast and gossip at Brandy's...