Monday, October 24, 2005

Astros fans are going crazy right now. Half of them think Lidge ought to have come in to face Konerko in the seventh. The other half don't think he should have come out for the ninth. The fact of the matter is, Garner made the right moves but our pitchers didn't execute. You can blame it all you want on the cold or the rain, but both teams had to deal with the conditions.

Lidge has been really shaky ever since the last week of the season. Since September 30, he's allowed 14 hits, six walks and seven earned runs in 12.1 innings. That's a 5.11 ERA and a 1.62 WHIP. His cold streak could be attributed to a number of things. He could be hurt, or at least sore, after throwing 80 innings between the regular season and the playoffs. His fastball, while still clokcing at 95 or 96 mph, doesn't seem to have the same explosion in it. Hitters are getting around on it. Which might be because they know what's coming. Whether he's tipping off his pitches or not, batters seem to be guessing right more often on the heater.

Or, he could just be getting unlucky.

Don't everyone worry. Roy O will right the ship.

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DaMasta said...

God, I hope so. I hope Roy can bring it like he did his last start. Damn. I hope for the Astros sake he can. I hope for the fan's sake. AAAaaa...I'm going crazy. I can't watch the game.

But I will.