Tuesday, October 18, 2005


If you don't think the Astros can get to the World Series after tonight's loss, why even cheer? This team has come too far this year -- hell, the past 45 years -- to fall apart now. I'm sure everyone on the team hurts as much as I do right now. I'm sure everyone's thinking, "Why, God, Why???" But tomorrow's an off-day, and that gives everyone, fans and players alike, time to regroup and refocus on the task at hand.

Sure, the Cardinals have momentum right about now. Yes, they are back home and yes, they probably have a lot of confidence. But we're right there with 'em. I remember Garner giving an interview during the NLDS. He had great things to say about this team's ability to rebound from a loss. He said it's easy to get down and get frustrated when we don't score a lot of runs, but he felt great pride in the team's mental strength in coming out the next day and playing hard.

That's what we need to do right now. Let go of tonight's loss. It hurt, yes, but it's over now and it's time to move on. Tomorrow's game is going to be another classic, so everyone better have their heads on straight.

Oswalt vs. Mulder, Wednesday night. Another great game, coming up. Have faith. Cheer like hell.


Steve said...

Great post. As devastating as last night was, we still can't give up. We have to have faith our guys can bounce back as they have all season.

Anonymous said...


andres, the rah rah stuff only take you so far.

you hafta hit with risp

and you manager hasta know things like you gotta walk pujols.

and he shouldn't be afraid to do something lilke leave wheeler in to finsh the game when the cards aren't toucjhing him and they been hitting lidge for the last 2 days

i'm hoping. and i'm hoarse from screaming last night.

but i'm a realist and this year is OVAH

lisa gray

DaMasta said...

Ok, first let me get my frustrations out:

Dammit to hell, lidge. You wanted to look like a hero, and now you just look like as ass. Walk puljols. walk him and pitch to the next guy. you would have been a hero if you just would have done the right thing. Dammit.

Ok, for real now.
Astros still have the odds in their favor. Even tho we go to Busch stadium. We can do it. Just one more. One more. With Oswalt pitching, it should prove to be a good game, and hopefully he can come thru for us like he has been this postseason.

Jack said...

"Momentum is tomorrow night's starting pitcher." - Earl Weaver

Ours is Roy Oswalt.

(And we don't have to face Chris Carpenter any more.)

Scott Barzilla said...

Lisa, I agree that things look bad, but this team has done a lot more than they really should each step of the way. The least we can do is extend a little faith.

1) Hitting with RISP

Yes, we have sucked hardcore so far, but do I really need to break into probalities? What are the odds of having five or six hits with RISP over a seven game series. We are WAY overdue to break out.

2) Walking Pujols

I heard Richard Justice on ESPN and he said Garner sent him a mixed message "don't give in." Give him clear instructions.

3) Go with Wheeler

Anyone really think of going with Wheeler in the 9th at the time? I doubt it.

4) Last year is over

I keep thinking that those saying it's "ovah" are stuck on last year. WE GAVE THEM GAME SIX WHEN WE PITCHED MUNRO. Of course, our options were limited. Now we have the silver bullet.