Saturday, April 29, 2006

Another loss to the Reds today. Pettitte was cruising through 3 innings but then collapsed in the 4th and 5th, giving up hits and walks galore. I was a little depressed so I decided to go on a bike ride, which ended up turning into a 2-hour marathon ride up Mt. Humphreys. By the time I was finished I was too tired to care anymore. Taylor Bucholz tries to help us avoid the sweep tomorrow.

The parents have been hitting up garage sales all over town as they're filling up their new house with stuff. I've been nominated the official move-in helper, and it's just as well, since their house is pretty cool and I need the exercise. It's a little strange having them so close (it's a 10 minute walk and 5 minute bike ride to their place) but after a few free meals I'm sure I'll appreciate them. And Flagstaff isn't THAT small of a town - it's not like we'll see each other everywhere. Just at the disc golf courses.

The NFL Draft was today, and I'm pretty excited by how my favorite team did. Nope, not the Texans - I don't want to get into the Reggie Bush / Mario Williams saga (but I do think Bush was the best player available) - but the Titans, who picked up Vince Young and LenDale White with their first two picks. Both picks are risky - Young might not translate well to the pro game (see Michael Vick) and White had a terrible combine and some drug issues - but they're both very high upside, as I think both Young and White are top-5 pick talents.

Back to work - 2 weeks until graduation.

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