Friday, January 06, 2006

Astros GM Tim Purpura was on the radio today, and while I couldn't listen, a few other people did, and here's what they said that he said:

So far Purp has said..........1) P Wilson can play all OF positions, which is nice.---In fact just a second ago, Purp mentioned that fans were demanding, "when are we going to get a bat? when are we going to get a bat?"2) If Bagwell and Clemens both play, they could be considered our "big free agent acquisitions"3) Purp said that competition is healthy in Spring Training, and that there will be competition for the 5th starter slot, and possibly the 4th. The obvious----that he believes in player development and did not want to go after a Kevin Millwood type.

Is it even possible for a center fielder to be 'unable' to play a corner outfield position? Good news, I guess. Bagwell cannot be considered a 'big free agent acquisition'. There are simply too many question marks. Clemens can, though, and it might work out to our benefit for him to take a month off - he wore down at the end of last year, and this should allow him to stay healthy and it will give our young guys (Zeke, Wandy, Carlos Hernandez) a chance to compete for that #5 spot.

He also said that the future is bright, because a lot of $$$$$$ will be freed next year to put a team together.

That's true - Pettitte, Bagwell, Oswalt, and Biggio come off the books. We're likely (at least I hope so) to re-sign Oswalt, and we'll have some money to go after a starting pitcher / sign Ensberg to a longer deal / etc. WHY did we have to give Ausmus a two-year deal? Argh.

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