Sunday, April 09, 2006

I went down to Tucson yesterday for my last ultimate frisbee tournament as a college student - Arizona Sectionals. We played really well - the team has improved a ton since the beginning of the year. We lost to U of Arizona's A Team (they're very good, ranked maybe #20 or #30 in the country), beat their B team, then played U of New Mexico. In a tournament about a month ago they absolutely destroyed us 13-1. We came out hot this time, and led 5-1 before they knew what had hit them. Then we got complacent and they came back to lead 7-6. Then we went on a run and finally ended up leading 12-11. We have two chances to win it that point - I drop one pass I should have had, and one our guys gets footblocked (!!) on a huck that probably would have won it. They score. 12-12. We have two chances that point to win it. We turn it over both times. I almost get a layout D; they score on the next throw. Heartbreaking loss. We played ASU next, but were completely out of gas, and let our rookies play most of the game. We lost.

Andy Pettitte gave up a leadoff HR to Marlon Byrd (on a 0-2 cutter that didn't get inside far enough), but then looked good against the next 3 hitters, getting a K and two groundouts to the left side. Biggio struck out but then Willy T drew a walk (YEAH!) but got doubled off 1st when Berkman flew out to deep left-center. Keep drawing those walks, Willy.

Preston Wilson singles with 1 out in the 2nd, then gets thrown out trying to steal 2nd. Jason Lane draws his 6th walk of the season (the hits will come, Jason, stay patient), and Brad Ausmus hits his tried-and-true weak dribbler to SS to end the inning.

Pettitte gets two quick outs in the top of the 3rd, then Marlon Byrd draws a 10 or 11 pitch AB walk (it's good to see him doing well, his is an interesting story), Royce Clayton lays down a perfect bunt, but Vidro grounds out to 3rd on the 1st pitch. Keep getting those groundballs to the left side of the infield, Andy.

Haha, what an inning - Adam Everett leads off the bottom of the 3rd with a routine ground ball to the SS, but he hustles down the line and Clayton throws it away. Everett on 2nd, 0 out. Pettitte tries to bunt him over, but Drese throws a wild pitch and Everett gets to 3rd. On a 3-2 count, Pettitte singles through the right side! Biggio pops out to 1st on a hanging breaking ball. Taveras gets down 0-2, then hits a hard ground ball up the middle that Drese kicks and then gets through the left side! Pettitte gets to 3rd. Lancey Lance strikes out on a pitch in the dirt. Ensberg singles to LF! Taveras scores from 1st when Soriano bobbles the ball!! YEAH! Preston (who I really like to watch play, he brings a lot of energy, seems like a great fit for the Astros) strikes out. 3-1 Astros!


Jack said...

Andy Pettitte gets two quick fly outs to Taveras, a grounder to Ensberg takes a weird hop for a single, then Everett makes a nice leaping catch on a liner.

Jason Lane draws another walk leading off the 4th, and Ausmus hits a grounder through the left side on a hit-and-run. 1st and 3rd, 0 out, Everett up. AE grounds to SS and beats out the double play throw to 1st (Lane scores). Pettitte bunts AE over to 2nd (not gonna let the big guy swing away again? Just kidding.) Biggio walks on 4 pitches. Willy T gets down 0-2 quickly, takes 3 close balls, fouls a tough pitch off, and flies out to RF. Nice at-bat, Willy.

Jack said...

Bottom of the 5th - Berkman singles, Ensberg K's, Wilson grounds out, Lane walks (again - 3 in today's game), Ausmus walks (he had a .409 OBP against lefties last year!), Everett singles right up the middle on a sweet swing, scoring two (nice slide by Lane!). 6-1, Astros.