Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Game 1: Cardinals 7, Astros 3.

Post-game thoughts:

Roy Oswalt pitched pretty well (6 IP, 7 H, 1 BB, 2 K), but once again struggled to finish off hitters once he got ahead in the count. He also seems to get frustrated on the mound when he doesn't have close calls go his way. He needs to be able to control his emotions better.

Adam Everett is not a good leadoff hitter. He's in there for his speed and his defense. But he went 0-for-4 (with a walk, at least), and never really hit the ball hard. With the bases loaded and 2 outs, down 4 runs, Everett swung at the 1st pitch he saw and grounded out to SS.

Craig Biggio is going to get off to a hot start just like last year, which is more bad than good, because Chris Burke is a superior player and Biggio is going to decline in the 2nd half, just like he has the last 3 years.

Morgan Ensberg is not a cleanup hitter. Sometime he's TOO patient, which might sound strange coming for an OBP freak like myself. With 2 on, 2 out, and a 3-2 count, Ensberg took a fastball from Tavares that looked low but was close, and got called out on strikes. I'm all for patience, but in that situation, you can't let a close pitch go by.

Jose Vizcaino and Orlando Palmeiro are going to see more pinch-hit AB's than Chris Burke. Which makes me want to cry.

Man, I hate Jim Edmonds.

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