Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I missed the first half of today's Astros-Mets game - I just started watching in the bottom of the 8th, with the score 0-0. Roger Clemens has put up the following incredible line:
7 IP
2 H
0 BB
9 K

Now Chad Qualls is in and struck out Victor Diaz. Then Marlon Anderon hits a routine ground ball to 2nd, and Biggio bobbles it and bounces the throw to 1st, so Anderson beats it out. Biggio already has one error this game according to the box score. Then they pick Anderson off, even though Bagwell didn't tag him. Reyes grounds out. Nice pitching by Qualls: a K and 2 routine ground balls.

Looking at the Astros' offense, we haven't done much either. Biggio and Bagwell each have 1 hit, and Ensberg, Burke, and Taveras each have 1 walk of Kaz Ishii. Adam Everett and Brad Ausmus continue to be offensive sinkholes, batting .148 and .095 respectively. Still think Ausmus is 'swinging the bat well', Garner?


Jack said...

Biggio just got DRILLED in the right forearm. He looks like he's in a lot of pain. So our leadoff hitter is on in the top of 9th. Biggio stays in the game - he's in such pain that I wish he didn't stay in. Being tough and being stupid coincide a little too much. Unfortunately we have no good pinch runners - Palmeiro, maybe? Bruntlett? Biggio has a HUGE bruise now, waiting at 1st.

Anonymous said...

I just got home from the game. I had Mets radio after Bigg got drilled, and the radio guys aptly pointed out that every time Bigg had to dive back to first base he got slowly. You could see he was favoring the right side.

Anyway, it sucks, 11 eleven innings and the Stros lose 1-0. Only time the entire game that a Met sniffed 3rd base was the final inning when the winning run ran over it on the way home.

Meanwhile the Astros have runners on 3rd at least twice, including the bases juiced situation in the 10th, and they get zip.

My basic impression of what I saw of the team:
1. Taveras is speedy.
2. If that's the defensive performance we're going to get from Bigg, please get someone else to play 2nd. One Buckner and an ugly bobble and throw.
3. Bagwell may have had a single, but he looked like he was swinging for the fences every time, and looking bad because of it.
4. Clemens looked great.
5. Ditto Qualls.
6. I wish I'd gotten to see Lidge.

Jason said...

I almost got my wish from what I posted on Friday. Willy leads off the 3rd and walks. Clemens then fake bunts and Willy easily steals second on Piazza's sorry skipping throw. Clemens sticks the bunt and Willy's at third with one down. All we needed now was for Everett to make contact or use his superb bunting skills and lay the squeeze. His was at-bat was nausating and K's on 4 pitches (I think). Stros lose 1-0 in 11. I know Biggio also had a chance to get Willy home but it's a completly different situation with 2 outs. I'm not an Everett hater, I love watching him play short, but I think Willy does have the better wheels, and I just like him better at the leadoff. Take it with a grain of salt, it's still WAY early.