Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Opening Day Updates:

Top 1: Walker ground-ball single up the middle, Rolen reaches on a bad throw by Everett, Edmonds reaches out and hits a dinky 3-run HR. 3-0, Cards, and Roy's terrible luck continues.

Bottom 1: Everett pops up (BAD). Biggio singles to LF. Bagwell GIDP's on 1st pitch (ugly swing).

Top 2: Oswalt settles down, looks good, but has trouble putting Molina away after getting up 0-2. Gotta have quick outs. 1-2-3 inning though.

Bottom 2: Ensberg with a sharp grounder to 3B that Rolen makes a great play on. Scott gets down 0-2, battles to 2-2, and K's. Lane doubles to LF on the 1st pitch (hanging breaking ball), and Ausmus grounds out weakly to 3B.

Top 3: Oswalt gets no close calls, and Eckstein singles to RF on a 2-2 pitch. A nice inside fastball gets Walker to pop to SS. Pujols grounds to 3B but Ensberg for some strange reason tries to go to 2B and everyone is safe. Oswalt gets Rolen to GIDP. Roy has thrown 50 pitches through 3 - he needs some quick outs, and some plays turned behind him.

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