Saturday, April 30, 2005

Jill's right - sometimes I get a little baseball-crazy. Wilco was in town Wednesday night for a concert, and I got there about an hour early and met with my crazy friend (but good taste in music) Ben "The Reverend" Helford. Don't ask me why he's The Reverend...if you met him, you'd understand. Anyway, we get in line, I scalp my two extra tickets for a small profit, and we go in. The opening act was so-so, and Wilco finally took the stage around 8:30 or so, I think. They play one song...and stop, because their was a malfunction with the amp on lead singer Jeff Tweedy's guitar, or something. It gets fixed (after a few minutes), and they play a lot of their new stuff from "A Ghost is Born". It's pretty awesome, I gotta say. Then they leave, but for the first encore they play "Spiders" (or jmaybe it's called "Kidsmoke", I don't remember) and it ROCKED. One of the best live songs I've ever heard. After that Jeff Tweedy throws (and I think breaks) his guitar, I think because there was more malfunctioning with his amp. Oh, and he also grabbed someone's video camera in the front row and took it away from them.

Anyway, good concert. The Orpheum is a cool venue - not crowded at all, no smoke, kinda cheap beer.

Oh yeah, the Astros game yesterday. Well, we lost 3-2 to the Cubs. Clemens pitched well, but once again our offense couldn't do much. Bagwell had a HR, but other than that we just can't seem to get it going. Berkman should be back soon; when he returns, my vote goes to sending Bruntlett down, ending the Burke-in-the-OF experiment, and making Burke the backup middle infielder, and giving Everett and Biggio an occasional day off. I just don't want Burke taking playing time away from Jason Lane in LF, who has certainly paid more dues than Burke is. Alternatively we could try and trade Burke, but I don't know what we need, unless someone is offering us a solid offensive catcher or shortstop, both of which are hard to come by. I guess a guy like Mike Cameron would work too, but Taveras has been surprisingly good.

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MKD said...

Mainstream media outlets are useless for the information I need to have for my fantasy team!!! So Berkman is coming back, soon... Does anyone know definitively what's going to happen to Willy Taveras' playing time? I've heard a) that it's pretty much done for and b) that he won't lose any at-bats at all, since he's the only logical option in center (except... um... Berkman), and that the outfield will go Lane-Taveras-Berkman, with Biggio at 2nd? I need those steals, you know what I'm saying? So what's the word?