Thursday, April 28, 2005

Sorry for the long delay. Looks like I didn't miss much Astros action, though - they've been shutout in consecutive games by Oliver Perez and Kip Wells. It doesn't look like any one guy is to blame, but it's a shame we haven't been able to take advantage of our dominant starting pitching so far. Even when Berkman gets back, he'll essentially be replacing Luke Scott / Chris Burke, who have been bad, but not that bad. Not Brad Ausmus or Adam Everett or even Jeff Bagwell bad. So a lot of guys have to pick it up.

Baseball Prospecuts mentioned Everett favorably in their latest Power Rankings: He's improved his walk rate for 11.1 walks / 100 PA, which should make him a viable leadoff man once a few more singles start dropping in.

I was in Vegas this past weekend (well, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, actually) for a trip with the guys. It was great - good weather, cheap rooms, plenty of poker. I did all right (JT was the big winner, when he finished 3rd out of 120 players in a $40 buy-in tourney - he won $428, I think, and Todd won about $200 the first time he sat down at a poker table in Vegas), but you don't really go to win money - you go to break even. The combined 8 hour drive there-and-back wasn't that bad either (except for Hoover Dam...ugh.)

Anyway, I'm back, so look for a recap of tomorrow night's Clemens vs. Maddux matchup. Will the Astros score a run for The Rocket? Should be a good one - two Hall of Famers going against each other.


Awrr said...

Don't underestimate what Berkman brings when he comes back. Even though he's replacing Burke/Scott in the lineup, the effect he'll have on pitchers' approaches to the top of the lineup is also important. Hopefully, he's ready to carry the offense when he gets back. Bagwell has probably been the biggest loser in Houston's lack of mid-lineup protection (plus his chronic slow starter syndrome), so when Berk gets back I'll look forward to seeing him start to hit.

Jill said...

Man. And not even a breath of Wednesday night's Wilco show is mentioned. Tsk, tsk, tsk...Baseball! Is that all this guy ever thinks about or what?