Thursday, September 15, 2005

Big big win last night. We're now a half-game behind both the Marlins and Phillies (who seemingly haven't lost since we swept them in Philly). Yep, it's close.

It was a nervous game for much of last night, although 7 runs in the 7th and 8th put it away. It's good to see Mike Lamb, Jason Lane, and Adam Everett have solid nights at the plate, instead of the usual Berkman / Ensberg crew.

Andy Pettitte has been unstoppable lately; hopefully he can keep it going tonight.

The injury bug is starting to take its toll. Ensberg has missed the last 8 games, Willy T is hurt, and Chris Burke's injury might be the most serious, and he will likely miss a week or so. That means guys like Orlando Palmeiro, Mike Lamb, and Eric Bruntlett may well see more playing time, and they need to bring it.

No stats today. Need a break from the numbers.

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K said...

Get some rest, but hurry back!