Sunday, September 11, 2005

Well, seems like I only post once a series these days. Sorry about that. More importantly: Clemens AND Oswalt the Brewers? Shit. Now we have a MONSTROUS series coming up against the Marlins. How big? Real big.

Current wild-card standings:

Houston, 76-66
Florida, 76-67 (0.5 GB)
Philly, 75-68 (1.5 GB)

Pitching matchups:

Monday: Backe / Willis
Tuesday: Wandy / Beckett
Wednesday: Clemens / Burnett
Thursday: TBD (Pettitte / Vargas?)

Letsa go.

Hope Ensberg is back and healthy. We need him bad. Bats gotta step up. I know it's Willis / Beckett / Burnett, but this could be the season.

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