Friday, September 09, 2005

Well, that went all right.

All three games against the Phillies were close (4-3, 2-1, 8-6) but we were just a little bit better every time.

The star of the series in my opinion has to be Lance Berkman (3-10, 2 BB, 2 HR, 4 RBI) who is heating up at the right time. But everyone contributed (Pettitte and Oswalt were awesome, Eric Bruntlett stealing 2nd and 3rd, Jason Lane with the RBI single YEAAAH), and Craig Biggio delivered when it counted most in an unbelievable way.

Now we have a 3-game series coming up against the Brewers (Clemens vs. Davis, Pettitte vs. Ohka, Oswalt vs. Helling). Those are really good matchups, and a sweep would be awesome, because after that we have a 4-game series at home against the Marlins, which is without a doubt the biggest series of the year.

Our schedule gets a lot easier from then (Brewers, Pirates, Cubs), so that series is going to be huge. Nevertheless, we shouldn't look ahead. We're playing the Brewers, so let's do it.

Hopefully Morgan Ensberg will be back tonight, because our offense isn't good with him, and it is BAD without him. Well, I guess we did score 8 runs on Wednesday night, but c'mon. I don't want Luke Scott batting 3rd.

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