Sunday, September 18, 2005

Retrospective Sunday Post

Maybe I'll talk about New Orleans for a bit. I grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I went to school there, I made friends there...I learned how to ride a bike there. I actually didn't spend much time in New Orleans - I might have visited 5 times or so in 10 years. I never went to Mardi Gras. I was there for some tennis tournaments and field trips and I drove through a few times. That's it. But it was definitely THE city in Louisiana. The Big Easy. N'Awlins (no one really says that in Louisiana, by the way. It's not New OrLEENS, either. It's just New OrlINS.) And now it's pretty damn near destroyed. Yep, they're going to try and rebuild it. But that might take a little while. Most of the city is underwater, and houses don't do so well with water everywhere. Anyway, I was kinda depressed this week, but take a step back and I don't have so much to be depressed about. I've got family and friends and a house. So maybe I'll do something to help out.

My senior year at college in Nashville some guy named Byron forced me into buying a Ryan Adams CD, "Demolition". I listened to it once or twice, and put it away for later. Little bro Andy steals it, likes it, buys all of his other CD's, and makes me listen to them. And they are DAMN good. Check them out sometime. Andy and I had a chat the other day - Ryan Adams basically puts out as much new music as possible - not all of it is awesome, but the sheer volume of work means that at least some of it will strike a chord with you somewhere. Then there are some other artists that take a couple of years (damn you Radiohead make something new so I can keep worshipping you) to put out new stuff because they want it to be perfect. Which way is better? Well, if you come up with "OK Computer" in your few years (recently named the best CD of the past 25 years by some British magazine), then I'll let it slide. But that Mr. Adams sure is prolific.

Oh yeah, the Astros. Brandon Backe looked good last night and the offense got some timely hits, and we won 7-0. Still a 1/2 game ahead of the Phillies, who scored 10 runs in the 9th to beat the Marlins 10-2. Morgan Ensberg pinch-hit yesterday and beat out an infield single; hopefully he starts today. Oh, and WELCOME BACK, JEFF BAGWELL! His game-winning pinch-hit RBI single on Friday was unbelievable.

But it's Sunday, so it's a football day. Speaking of football: Vanderbilt Commodores. 3 wins. 0 losses. That is all.

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