Sunday, September 25, 2005

Heartbreaker of a loss: Cubs 3, Astros 2. Combined with the Phillies win over Cincy, we're now 1 game up with 6 to play. 2 of those at St. Louis, the next 4 at home against the Cubs again.
This one should have been ours.
We had numerous chances to score, including a bases loaded, 0 out situation in the 2nd. We got nothing. Then Jason Lane gets picked off 3rd with 2nd and 3rd and 2 out. Then Ensberg gets thrown out stealing with Jason Lane up and 2 outs in the 8th. Bad.
Andy Pettitte pitched great, allowing only 2 hits in 6 innings. One of them was a HR to D. Lee in the 1st, so we were playing catch-up the rest of the game. We finally broke through when Adam Everett walked (halleleujah!!), and Orlando Palmeiro had a HUGE pinch-hit triple. This brough up Willy T with 1 out, and he actually got a ball out of the infield, and deep enough to score Palmeiro. Sweet.
Then Chad Qualls relieves in the bottom of the 7th. D. Lee singles on the 1st pitch. Nomar grounds to 3rd, nice play by Ensberg. Barret grounds to SS, nice play by Everett. Jeromy Burnitz coming up.
Pretend you're Phil Garner:
Chad Qualls vs. lefties: 36.2 IP, 2 HR
Mike Gallo vs. lefties: 52. 2 IP, 6 HR
Jeromy Burnitz vs. LHP: 8 HR in 167 AB
Jeromy Burnitz vs. RHP: 15 HR in 411 AB
So, to sum up, Gallo gives up a higher percentage of HR to lefties than Qualls does, and Burnitz hits a higher % of HR against lefties than against righties.
Garner brings in Gallo. Gallo hangs a breaking ball. Burnitz crushes.
Gallo walked the next two guys, forcing Garner to go to Wheeler, who walked another guy before getting a groundout.
And that was the game.
Go with the guys who have you got you this far (Qualls, Wheeler, Lidge). Don't lose games because of guys like Mike Gallo.


Scott Barzilla said...

Thank you Jack. I was thinking the same thing. Gallo is a non-traditional lefty. Heck, forget about lefty and righty and put in the big three. At least you can say you got beat with your best.

Anonymous said...

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