Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Fantasy baseball ramblings: You'd better get a top-4 pick in your fantasy baseball draft. A-Rod, Beltran, Pujols and Vladi are light years ahead of everyone else. If you have the fifth pick, who the heck do you take? Barry? Johan? Manny? Randy? Tom Berenger?

I've been noticing that third base is STACKED. There are at least a dozen third basemen with 30-homer potential: A-Rod, Rolen, Beltre, Ramirez, Chavez, Blalock, Huff, Mora, Chipper, Lowell, Glaus, Blake. Not to mention Vinny, David Wright, Koskie, Boone, Mueller, Bellhorn...

The middle infield positions are down though. Big time. Second base especially, where six of the top players (Soriano, Kent, Boone, Giles, Reyes, Vidro) have declined drastically the past year or so, mostly due to age or injury. Shortstop is not the coveted position it once was ever since A-Rod left. After Tejada, Jeter's going downhill and Nomar's anything but a sure thing. I want to put Michael Young ahead of both of them. Still, there are a ton of second-tier players, but none are going to save your team: Renteria, Cabrera, Rollins, Furcal... A big question mark is Carlos Guillen.

Well that's all for now. Maybe I'll come out with some sleeper picks or something. I bet Lane will be up there.

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