Monday, March 21, 2005

Vanderiblt plays Wichita St. tonight in Memorial in the 2nd round of the NIT. If we win another game or two I think we might play Texas A&M, which would lead to much trash-talking between JT and I.

A lot of baseball rumors floating around out there...

1. The Devil Rays are interested in Mike Lamb as their DH. Well, great. I'd like to trade Lamb, since I think he had a career year last year, but we do kinda need a backup 3B and a LH bat off the bench. He's a good fit for us right now. Unless the D-Rays want to give up Kazmir or Upton...

2. The Twins are going to release Mike Restovich, since he's out of options. Sign him up! He's no All-Star, but he's 25, can play RF or LF, and mashes lefties (900+ OPS in 60 career AB's). When we lose Biggio and Palmeiro (hopefully) next year, he'd make a fine 4th or 5th OF behind Lane / Taveras / Berkman / Scott.

3. The Washington Nationals are interested in a backup middle infielder. Want some Viz? We have a similar but better player in Eric Bruntlett, and Brooks Conrad waiting in the minors, so how about Viz for some Big League Chew? Well, seriously, how about Viz for some bullpen help? They've got...Chad Cordero, Luis Ayala, Antonio Osuna....alternatively, what about Redding + Viz / Bruntlett for Termel Sledge(Hammer)?

I'm driving down to Phoenix tomorrow. Planning on catching 2 spring training games a day on Wednesday and Thursday. Andy and JT, you guys better post while I'm gone.

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