Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I think we may have found three new Dan Miceli's.

Old fogies Burba, Franco and Wendell combined to give up 17 runs on Tuesday against our 2000 opening-day starter, Scott Elarton. We lost 21-4. Good thing these games don't count.

Some more bad news: Lidge gave up 2 runs, Burke went 0-for-3, Biggio committed an error at second base, and Orlando Palmeiro actually drove in a run. Hope he doesn't have a good spring and earn some playing time.

Good news (if there is any): Bagwell went 2-for-2 and drove in a run, Qualls and Springer pitched great, and Astacio got a brief look, although he only faced three batters (Two reached base, the other struck out).

I haven't heard much about Bagwell's new stance this spring. I read somehwere that Garner said he'd be happy if Bagwell hit 10 homers this year, as long as he ket driving in runs. I hope we get a few more dingers than that.

Clemens starts tomorrow night against Atlanta. Let's hope we keep them under double digits.

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Drewbacca said...

That's a helluva day for the Tribe!