Tuesday, March 23, 2004

The biggest Vandy fan I know (sorry, Drew), gives his recap of the last minutes of The Comeback:

Part B: I hope you've been able to see some March Madness scores over there. By the time you get home, I hope to have a DVD of Vandy's amazing comeback from 11 down in the last 3 minutes to upset NC State, 75-73. It was the grittiest, most amazing comeback I've seen in many many years. We scored 21 points on our last 7 (really just 6) possessions over the last 3 minutes!--Frieje fouled twice on treys, making all 6 FT's, nailing a long covered trey, a 5-point play (intentional foul, 2 Smith FT's followed by an impossible Moore trey), a long Freije 2-ptr for the lead & finally Moore hitting Smith with a perfect backdoor pass for the layup & FT to recapture the lead for good with 21 seconds left. Frieje simply refused to let the team give up: he was all over his teammates at every timeout, & finished with 31.

So we're in the Sweet Sixteen, 'cause in the earlier first round we had beaten a talented Western Michigan team 72-59.

Now we go on to face UConn on Thursday (6pm Central time: should be midnight or 1am Friday in Europe) to try to move on to Vandy's first Elite Eight appearance since 1965! Alabama upset Stanford: they're the only other SEC team left, as KY & Miss State were upset by UAB & Xavier, respectively.
- Dad

You better get the DVD, Dad, although JT and Nicole did give me a damn good play-by-play on IM.

I just had my 2nd fantasy baseball draft the other day. It's a league with JT and Todd and Brandon and some other fools (10 teams total).

I had the 2nd pick, then 19th, 22nd, etc.

My first 5 picks:

Alfonso Soriano
Magglio Ordonez
Lance Berkman
Tim Hudson
Jason Giambi

Not bad, right? But how about these first 5, starting with the 7th pick, then 14th, etc.

Carlos Beltran
Pedro Martinez
Bobby Abreu
Roy Oswalt
Jeff Kent
(just for fun) Derek Jeter

That would be JT's team. Damn.

Oh, and the players I have in both leagues:

Lance Berkman
Josh Phelps
Octavio Dotel
Miguel Batista
Francisco Cordero
Aquilino Lopez

Basically I have the same RPs in both leagues. So if Dotel, Cordero, or Lopez suck it...I'm done.

Oh, and I'm having this argument over at AstrosDaily about batting Adam Everett 2nd, which it looks like Jimy is going to do. I was going to ask JT if there is anything that Jimy has done wrong this spring, because I didn't think there was...now, I stand corrected. Batting AE 2nd would be a huge mistake.

What are the 'reasons' why AE might make a good 2 hitter?

1. He can bunt guys over, hit and run, and make 'productive outs'.
2. He's fast
3. It breaks up the crappy 7-8-9 of Everett/Ausmus/P from last year.

Ok, one by one:

1. You do not want to make 'productive outs' with the Big 5 coming up. The Astros do not exactly have the look of a small ball team anyway. We're basically old, slow, right-handed, and crush the ball. The Astros should not be playing for the one-run-at-a-time strategy. With the power hitters on our team, we should ALWAYS be going for the 3-run HR.

Just for the heck of it, if you still believe in bunting runners over:

2003 Runs Scored, then Rank in Home Runs, Walks, and Sacrifices.

1. Boston 2nd 3rd 27th
2. Atlanta 3rd 13th 10th
3. Toronto 10th 12th 30th
4. Yankees 4th 1st 26th

Which of those columns is not like the other? No small ball, Jimy. No small ball.

2nd. Yeah, he is fast. But do you really want to even risk an out stealing a base? If he is so fast bat him 7th or 8th so Ausmus or the pitcher can bunt him over easily.

3rd. Who cares? Get your best hitters the most at-bats.

I realize if you are reading this you probably know this stuff already, but it makes me feel better to write it. Anyway, it doesn't matter, it looks like AE is gonna bat 2nd all year, making the odds of our 3rd hitter coming up with 0 outs even less likely, since if Biggio gets on, Everett is gonna bunt him over some of the time. Oh well.

Oh, I just found out that I got in to Northern Arizona University for grad school! Woohoo!

It's been a good 48 hours.

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