Wednesday, March 17, 2004

I'm taking a 20 hour ferry to Italy in a few hours, so I gotta run.

JT, you need to email me and remind me when our next draft is, fool.

Andres, are you back in Chicago? How was the rest of Anderson?

Oh yeah, baseball. Check out for an NL Central preview. It's generally a Cubs lovefest, but they say some good things about the Astros. One thing that struck me is that they are not huge fans of Pettitte and Clemens, saying that they won't be that much of an upgrade over Villone and Roberston. %@@@$????????????????/

Are you kidding me?

But yeah, read it...if that's the wrong email address, check out The Cub Reporter at the bottom of the page and link from there.

More in a few days.

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