Tuesday, March 09, 2004

I finally escaped Cesky Krumlov - now I'm in Vienna, Austria, where Mozart meets Wienerschnitzel. It's snowing like crazy - my hostel is packed with ski bums. I'll be here for until Friday, when I fly to Athens to hang with a friend (free couch!!)

Andy, about figuring out the 'best' lineup order....it's interesting, but doesn't really matter much. Obviously it's best to give more AB's to your best (Berkman, Hidalgo) hitters, but mathematically speaking, it ends up not mattering very much even over 162 games. I've read about 5-10 runs, max. But it's still interesting to talk about. I agree with your lineup, but I think batting Everett 8th might not be too bad since he's much, much faster than Ausmus, so he's less likely to be thrown out at 2nd after Roger Clemens lays down a bunt. Speaking of which, that should be fun to watch.

I've only got 5 minutes left, so I can't do too much fantasy baseball draft analysis, but here's my thoughts on my team:

Jeremy @%@#$ Burnitz.

I thought I had a pretty good draft besides that; like usual, I'm relying heavily on 'sleepers' like D'Angelo Jimenez, Jason Bay, Miguel Batista, and Aquilino Lopez. I'm lacking a bit in power (only Sexson had more than 30 HRs last year), but I've got a ton of speed (Beltran, Crawford, Jeter, Byrd, Lugo), probably over-compensating for past years when I have none. I have a pretty good staff, especially if Rich Harden and Jerome Williams step up. My closers are pretty bad, especially if Dotel gets hurt. But all in all, not too bad.

And if Jeremy Burnitz goes .260/50/110, HA.

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