Sunday, March 28, 2004

Hey, so Peter Gammons chimes in on the NL Central. I like Gammons - even though he talks about music too much (although not in this article) and says a lot of random crap, it's at least interesting random crap. And he definitely seems to have the most connections of any baseball writer out there. Plus I always love it when him and Harold Reynolds get in arguments on Baseball Tonight, with Gammons stumbling over words and HR basically smiling and moving his hands the whole time. It's fun.

But moving on, read that article. And then let me tell you what I think:


Well, he doesn't really say anything new. The lineup should indeed have some thunder, although the Power 5 (Biggio can't really be said to have that much thunder anymore) are kind of offset by the Weak 3. And the pitching staff should be solid, and has been damn good this spring. And yeah, we do have a surplus of starting pitching. But that might be a good thing, actually, because I think the odds of Oswalt and Clemens staying completely healthy the whole year might be rather slim. Don't get me wrong, I hope they do, but if they don't, it'll be nice to have Saarloos or Carlos Hernandez or Duckworth to fall back on.

JT's got a great idea - he read that the Indians and Mets are both interested in Jeriome Robertson, so he suggests we trade him to the Indians for one of their many OF prospects (Alex Escobar, Ryan Ludwick, Coco Crisp, and the probably untouchable Grady Sizemore). I say....DO IT.

I'm in Paris for a few days, and so far it's pretty awesome. Sidewalk cafes, tons of laaaaadies, crazy drivers, and big public parks. Two thumbs up.

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