Monday, March 29, 2004

Paris is unstoppable. Except I can't stop eating crepes with Nutella. But I now know how to make them.

Baseball season is about to start! In Japan, that is, as the Yankees get to pound on the Devil Rays. And Derek Jeter is batting leadoff for the Yanks, which means he's gonna steal some bases for my fantasy team. Sweet. Oh, and Jason Giambi is hitting in between ARod and Gary Sheffield. I mean, COME ON. He's going .300-50-150 this year, JT. And 10 stolen bases (haha.)

So tomorrow I gotta book a Chunnel trip. Yep, I'm going underground on my way back to London - apparently it is quick and cheap and much more efficient than spending all day on buses and ferries. So there ya go.

Oh, and Mark Prior is really hurting. I posted this a while ago, but even though he plays for the evil Cubs, it's too bad. Prior is incredible, and I would feel weird if the Astros win the division because Prior misses significant time. I'd get over it quickly, though.

Other baseball news...there's a Jeff Bagwell article I read the other day that is kinda sad. I mean, the guy is in agony. It sounds like he doesn't even enjoy playing anymore. But before you get all huffy, look at this. And look at his 1994 season. GOOD LORD. 368/451/750 for the 400 at-bats??? I know he's not what he once was.....but neither is ANYONE besides Bonds and Pujols. Daaaaamn. So if we do eventually trade Bagwell (but I don't think we will) or he slowly declines, just remember that he and Biggio were once our entire offense, and they did a pretty good two-man job of it for a while.

Ok, that's it.

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