Friday, March 17, 2006

How bout them Aggies!?! Upset Syracuse 66-58 last night. Acie Law was magnificent, and the defense was stifling. I am officially the worst bracket-picker ever. I had Marquette in the Elite eight.

Not that anyone watched, but Rocket couldn't win for the USA, no thanks to Jeff Francouer and Vernon Wells. We lost to Mexico, 2-1 and didn't advance to the semis. It's Cuba vs. Dominican Republic and Japan vs. South Korea. Should be fun to watch.

Caught our 11-1 loss to the Yankees a couple days ago. Harold Reynolds interviewed Jeff Bagwell and asked him how he felt. "Today i would not be able to play in a major league game," he said. "But thats not to say that i couldn't in a couple of weeks." Same old, same old. I can't tell if he's being pessimistic or just honest.

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