Sunday, March 12, 2006

It might not feel or look like spring in Flagstaff, Arizona (30 inches of snow over the weekend), but when I turned on the TV and saw a baseball game (Japan / USA in the World Baseball Classic), it sure felt like spring.

I'm cruising through "The Last Nine Innings" - I should finish it early this week. The last chapter I read had an interesting take on the stats vs. scouts (Moneyball vs. Joe Morgan?) debate. I'll write all about it.

I haven't played poker online in close to 6 months, but after reading a little of "The Theory of Poker", by David Sklansky, I realize that I can't wait to start playing again. Not until I get the ol' master's degree, though.

I 'fixed' my I-Pod today: the headphone connection is scratched, but if I shove the headphones in as far as they'll go, then keep them squeezed tight (by placing the I-Pod upside down, or putting a book on top of it, etc.), it sounds great! This is good, since if it keeps snowing like this (although it's not supposed to) I'll be walking to school a lot.

We had ultimate frisbee practice despite 30+ mph winds and the first foot of snow on Friday afternoon (sound familiar, Andy?) It was awesome, although I need some new cleats.

Well, that's it. Astros lose 7-0 to the Dodgers - I know it's just spring training, but our offense isn't exactly lighting it up. No worries?

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