Friday, January 16, 2004

Apparently some people (girls) who read this blog want to read about stuff other than sports. As opposed as I am to the idea, I'm all about getting as many people (girls) to visit this site as I can, so what the heck. Today's guest writer: Nicole Serago!

"Ok, so I’m one of those people that read this stuff because I have nothing better to do, even if half of it just looks like a bunch of numbers to me. Every once in a while there is the lone sentence about something not baseball related and now that is what I am here to provide. Don’t get me wrong, I like baseball (even if my lifetime baseball viewing experience is pretty limited to things that happen in the Pittsburgh area and one trip to Fenway – but then again, you tell me if you have been to an All Star Game or the world premiere of Angels in the Outfield) but I also think there are other things in life that are worthy of attention.

First priority: Friends. And by that I mean the TV show (not that I don’t love all my actual friends, but that would be a gossip column) which as any person with half a brain knows is in its tenth and final season. So I begin with last night’s episode. To begin, I am ridiculously happy that the last season didn’t end up being the same year as college graduation because I don’t think I could have handled the trauma of both things ending. See, the last season is a lot like senior year. There’s a lot of moving on and saying goodbye (both in the show and for the actual cast). While the majority of the episode was not new footage (meaning they actually all got paid the $1 million for about 5 minutes worth of show time this week), the writers are definitely setting up the last few episodes to be pretty emotional for the true fans. I’ve always thought it would be neat to be able to rewatch special moments from the past like they do in TV flashbacks. I got a new appreciation of an old clip that I had forgotten – no matter what the situation, the end of living with the same roommate for years is one of the hardest goodbyes. So when the question “How can you leave this place?” is posed, the reality of it hits you. The moral of the story: Sometimes the place you’ve gotten used to being isn’t the only place you want to be. And on the lighter side, a fun question from this episode: Which would you rather give up, food or sex?

Now as far as sports go…so the Super Bowl is coming up soon. Better yet, right after that is the first episode of Survivor All-Stars. You know what that means: another dose of Colby for the ladies in case that Schick Quattro commercial wasn’t doing the trick. And as Ankita says “awesome we will have to watch unless it’s in conflict with friends” See, someone knows what’s important."

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