Sunday, January 18, 2004

I'm leaving for College Station for a weekend of football and friends soon, so I gotta be brief. But first:

HOW 'BOUT THEM COMMODORES? #23 Vanderbilt beat #11 Florida, 86-72, last night. Vandy had lost two straight SEC games on the road, and we really needed this one. It was close until we went on an 18-4 run early in the 2nd half, and we pretty much cruised from there. Matt Freije had 23 pts, Mario Moore had 21, and Corey Smith hit some big 3's during the run. It looked like an awesome scene at the end of the game, with students storming the court, something that I love to see but have only done twice, I believe, both freshman year: once against LSU, and once against Tennessee. I'll always remember the one against Tennessee because 1) they're our biggest rivals, 2) they were ranked #4 coming in and 3) the game ended on an alley-oop pass to Dan Langhi (Vandy's best player), who absolutely SLAMMED it home as time expired. Man, that was awesome. I can't even really describe it. Sheer pandemonium.

I won Poker Night last night, mostly thanks to this crazy, crazy hand. I'll assume you guys know how to play Texas Hold 'Em - if not, look it up real fast. Anyway, I'm dealt pocket aces - AA. The flop comes A, J, 2, all offsuit. The two guys ahead of me (Matt and Brandon) both bet. I go all in. I mean, COME ON. 3 of a kind aces. THEY BOTH CALL. I couldn't believe it. Matt flips over his pocket 22. Brandon flips over his pocket JJ. WE ALL HAD THREE OF A KIND AFTER THE FLOP. The odds of that are...staggering. Seriously. Anyway, another J or 2 didn't fall, I win big, and then slowly wear down Todd from there, getting lucky on the last hand to finish him off. Man, poker is fun.

Well, that's it for now. Round 2 of The Sandman's Tournament should be up pretty soon. Until then, watch a lot of football!

P.S. My padres and I always listen to The Puzzler on NPR on Sunday mornings. Here's today's: Take the name 'Nestor'. Using any letter in the name as many times as you can, make a 12 letter word. Hint: it's not a plural. For example, the name 'Seurat' makes 'restaurateur'. Somehow I got this one in like 10 seconds, though I don't know how.

Go Colts!

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