Sunday, January 11, 2004

Damn. So, a day later, but no wiser, I am currently 0-3 in my football playoff picks, while JT is a cool 3-0. I am ashamed. I could say something like "Well, all the games were close, and if Mike Martz wasn't incredibly bad at clock management and if Drew Bennett makes that %@%@ catch and if the Chiefs defense could not be painfully crappy, then....." But NO. No excuses. I guess that's why I think of this blog as a baseball blog, first and foremost: because I should write about what I know, and I clearly know NOTHING about football.

Right, JT?

Jt: Damn straight. You will bow to me and acknowledge my football superiority. I own you in baseball too. Also, it's too bad I'm not the GM of the Astros because we'd have Greg Norton instead of John Valentin as our new bench player. Someday! As for now, I will go for the quadruple...4-0 in my predictions...every one opposite of you and every one working out for me so far. I own!

Barstool: The only reason I'm 2 and 1 is because I had a sympathetic pick for the Titans. So I wanna see McNair move on....oh well. I'll take the loss. I know nothing of baseball, but I know far more than Jack about football....even though I've only been following the game for three years. Jack picked Kansas City.....KANSAS CITY against the Colts.....I swear, he smokes crack. He's doing lines right now. I wish he'd put out the light in his's smokin' up the joint. I'm going to go play tennis now...but look for Green Bay to beat the Eagles tonight. J.T. says otherwise. Jack picked the Pack also...which is why they'll probably lose now. He's jinxed everyone so far. boo BYE!

Well, that's the guest column for today. See what my friends are like? Now you probably understand why I have no self-esteem. Well, gotta go. Weekend's a-wastin'.

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