Friday, January 23, 2004

Nicole hijacks my blog again, to talk about TV and other assorted things:

"Somewhere in LA, the last episode ever of Friends is being filmed today. The one-hour episode will air May 6 after a one-hour retrospective. It’s likely that the show will set a record for the sixth straight season as the highest-rated comedy on television. Still not impressed? To note the significance of the show, thirty second ads for the finale are reportedly being sold for $2 million! Now that’s almost as much as companies shell out for Super Bowl commercials. However, the shortened season means the inevitable reruns. It’s almost February sweeps, so I can hold out. On the other hand, NBC pulled through this week with a new episode of Scrubs.

Now there is something I have noticed about scrubs…they are big. A few years ago I got a pair of scrub pants for a sorority thing and although I ordered the smallest size, I think I could fit three of me in there. When I worked in a hospital, the “small” scrubs still dragged on the floor and were not at all attractive (somehow on TV they manage to get ones that fit…hmmm, not so real) Anyway, this brings me to a disturbing fact. Women’s clothing stores are doing a very bad thing: they are changing the size of their clothes. “Why is this bad?” you ask. Well, I will tell you. It means people are getting fatter. Stores want people to buy clothes so they make the big clothes have smaller sizes to make the fat people feel better about themselves and think that they wear the same size they did ten years ago. And therein lies the problem. If the big clothes have the small sizes, the clothes that used to be the small sizes are no longer existent. For someone like me this is unbelievably frustrating because I can no longer buy anything in normally priced stores…it kinda takes the fun out of shopping.

Luckily some things are still fun. One of these is going to see a very good Vandy basketball game (I believe this was mentioned a few days ago) The Vandy/Florida game was by far the best I have been to in a long time. In addition, the conclusion has been made that the top balcony in Memorial (on the student side) is The Place to watch a game. And to celebrate the victory, nothing less than Maggie Moo’s (yes in January) and some rousing video games would be acceptable."

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